Can I get a printed copy of the manual I need?2021-08-28T23:21:08+00:00

No. We only send digital PDFs. You are free to use on your device or print it out at home.

What format do the manuals come in?2021-08-28T23:21:17+00:00

All repair manuals are in PDF format. You can open them on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile. You can download a FREE PDF reader from several websites including Adobe.

Further to that all manuals are fully zoomable and can be printed without restrictions.

Feel free to send us an email and we can send you more information and get you going on your big job.

Why am I unable to download my manual?2021-08-28T23:21:28+00:00

Normally when the size of the manual is greater than 10MB we will send you a download link (Google Drive) to download the manual. In case you are having issues opening or downloading the manual please contact us for further instructions. We have several ways of sending large files and are sure to be able to find one that works best for you.

How long will it take to get my order?2021-08-28T23:21:55+00:00

Once you’ve purchased a manual from our site you will receive an automatic email confirming your order with your order number and the details.

On average we send manuals purchased within 30 minutes after payment during business hours. But can take up to 12 hours depending upon the hour and day of your order.

Delivery times are based on the date of order and the manual is sent within a maximum of 1 business day.

What forms of payment do you take?2021-08-28T23:21:48+00:00

As a buyer the main options to pay for the manual you purchased are:

  • All Major Credit or debit cards
  • Google & Apple Pay

You can pay securely through Stripe, We won’t receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number.

Some cards we accept are:

    VisaMasterCardAmerican Express

Our payment solution aims to accept as many credit cards as possible.

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